For e-commerce sellers doing all the right things, but seeing little to no sales...

Uncover The Secret Tweak Proven To Turn Window Shoppers Into Hungry Buyers That You Can Make In Less Than 15 Minutes Without Spending More Money On Ads…..

Feel like you’re doing all the “right things” to sell your products but not making the sales you want?


I totally get that. Most e-commerce sellers are spending a lot of money on ads and not getting enough actual sales and customers….


In fact, they probably have “all the right pieces" to have success:


  • Shopify store built? ✅
  • Products for sale? 
  • Ads running? 
  • Cool popup to build email list? 
  • Abandoned cart emails? ✅


Sales? No Bueno. ❌



You can have a juicy cheeseburger stacked to the top with all the fixins….Meat, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes, mayo, bun...

But guess what - If the meat is bad, it’s DISGUSTING!


When the meat is bad, you don’t go make another one with the same meat, right? No! You replace the thing that is bad.


Think about it in your business... 


You're replacing the good lettuce when the mayo is bad...Putting in new cheese when the bun is moldy. (gross!)


Simply put...


You’re Focused On Fixing The Wrong Problem.


You're probably focused on fixing your ads, but your ads aren't the real reason you're not making sales...

Have you ever said this?


“I keep trying more and more ads and I'm wasting my money, they just don’t work”


You keep trying more new products,  more new ads, going in circles, but your store still looks like this:

I totally understand how you feel.


Hi, I'm Kerry Egeler....Just a few years ago, I had just started my first online business and it wasn’t going well.


I had a few sales, friends and family mainly, but every time I went out to the internet and tried to show it to people I didn’t know…..



I ran Facebook ads. Nothing. Tried to connect with people, nope, no sales. I ran instagram ads, no sales. I started a Facebook group, posted on my social media over and over, I joined other FB groups….




But after a while, I wanted to quit. Done, bye. Peace out internet business. So much for the “laptop life”, AKA Scam! (in my mind)


I was selling t-shirts, and I constantly had these thoughts...


“T-shirts must be oversaturated”


 “I’m a terrible marketer”


 “Ads just don’t work”


 “Why am I even trying to do this? I’m wasting my time and money”


 “I’m a failure”


Trying to push through, trying to make it work, but wanting to quit.

Then I had this thought:


“Why are my friends buying from me, but not other people on the internet?”


Because they know me. Wait a second, they know me, that’s the key!


With my friends and family, I have authority and credibility. They trust me.


Check out this stat:


According to buySAFE, 81% of online shoppers feel concerned when shopping on a website with which they are not familiar


Did you get that?


81% of people clicking on your ads don’t feel safe shopping on your website.


...And only 19% of people clicking your ads might make a purchase…..IF something else doesn’t turn them off.


So here’s what all this means - 


When someone clicks to your website, you have to make a connection with them and build trust within the first few seconds, or THEY WILL NOT BUY.


Where do we build trust? On the product page.


I'd been so focused on 'fixing' my ads, that I didn't realize my product pages were the real reason I wasn't bringing in the sales I wanted! 


By fixing this one problem, I raised my conversion, raised my sales, raised my profits, and got more customers! A super simple tweak. Here's how:


The one goal of a product page is to get people to click the “add to cart” button.


Clicking the add to cart button puts them on the path to completing the sale and putting money in your bank account!


How do we do make them do that?



The P4 Method


Sell the benefits, make connection, and give the important details



Bad photos kill sales. This is a visual world, you need good product photos that build trust, relatability, and create a need for the product



Pricing can close sales or deter sales



Social proof is the #1 way to build trust and credibility


The simple P4 Method, once mastered, will take your product pages from “poopy” to “perfect”!


Yes, I just said that. I’m a dad with two young children, I’m sorry. Moving on now.


Your customers will be salivating over your products and begging you to buy!


Question for you - Do your product pages currently look like this?

Then you definitely need to put into action the P4 Method right now.

The best part is….


  • You don’t need to be techie
  • You don’t need to be creative
  • You don’t need design skills


You just need to make a few, simple tweaks that take about 15 minutes to explode your sales!


After working with thousands of students, we’ve observed the problems, where they were missing it, and found the solution.

We’ve done the hard work, so you can skip right to the profits!


With loads of excitement, joy, and ‘cha chings’ on your store, we introduce to you….

Boost your profits and sell out your store with the battle tested, step-by-step system for e-commerce sellers that transforms failing product pages into conversion machines in four simple steps.


Whether you’re dropshipping, using print on demand, or selling your own products, Add to Cart Blueprint is perfect for all types of e-commerce businesses!


  • People making sales but need a easy boost
  • Beginners that just launched their store
  • Running ads but not seeing results
  • Want to increase profitability
  • Want your brand to stand out in the sea of internet spam
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What People Are Saying....


WORKSHOP #1 / Product Description

In this workshop, we'll teach you how to write the PERFECT product description to instantly make an emotional connection with your potential buyer.

WORKSHOP #2 / Pricing

In this workshop, we'll teach you how to find exactly the right price to sell your products at for maximum conversions and profits.

WORKSHOP #3 / Photos

In this workshop, we'll focus on your product photos. Your photos have a HUGE impact on whether people buy, and theres more that goes into great photos than you think!

WORKSHOP #4 / Proof

Ahhhh proof. In this workshop, we'll show you how to get reviews and other types of proof, even if you don't have sales already!

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"Kerry is the authority in the t-shirt space. The dude knows what he's talking about!"


- Travis Peters

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Along with the video lessons, we're throwing in quick reference action guides that give you the most important points, links, and resources from each workshop.


Watch over Kerry's shoulder as he implements the P4 method right in front of you on an actual Shopify store. You'll see the product page go from fugly and boring to high converting, cash making monster.


Your funnel is the sales process from when your customer sees your business for the first time, all the way through the follow up process. This worksheet will help you pinpoint where you're losing them and fix it in seconds.


Good branding creates trust and loyalty which lead to sales. This cheatsheet will help you brand your Shopify store the right way to boost your credibility!

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  • Product Description Workshop (Valued at $127)
  • Pricing Workshop (Valued at $127)
  • Photos Workshop (Valued at $127)
  • Proof Workshop (Valued at $127)
  • BONUS #1: PDF Action Guides (Valued at $47)
  • BONUS #2: Product Page Upgrade Case Study (Valued at $97)
  • BONUS #3: Funnel Fixer Upper Worksheet (Valued at $67)
  • BONUS #4: Branding Cheatsheet (Valued at $47)

Total Value: $766

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Frequently Asked Questions About Add To Cart Blueprint...

  • WHO IS THE ADD TO CART BLUEPRINT FOR? This program is for all e-commerce sellers that currently have a store up and running. It's best suited for those running traffic to their site and not getting the results and sales they want.


  • HOW LONG ARE THE WORKSHOPS? The videos included in Add To Cart Blueprint run from 9-30 minutes. They're in depth, but easy to implement. You'll find yourself saying "wow, I got way more than I paid for".


  • IS THIS JUST FOR SELLING T-SHIRTS? Heck no. Although we have other programs focused solely on t-shirts and print on demand, Add To Cart Blueprint is for ALL e-commerce sellers!


  • DO I HAVE TO USE SHOPIFY? Nope. We love Shopify and highly recommend it, but we have many students that use other platforms. The principles and strategies we teach are universal and will work with any platform.
  • DO YOU OFFER REFUNDS? Yes. We will refund your purchase for any reason within 7 days. Simply send an email to [email protected], let us know the reason, and we will refund your money. No hassle.


  • WHAT DO I DO IF I NEED MORE SUPPORT? We are here to help. Please shoot us an email at supp[email protected] and we will take excellent care of you.


  • DO I GET LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE ADD TO CART BLUEPRINT CONTENT? Heck yea! You get forever access for only $37. Take all the time you need. Grab it now while it's available and use it whenever you're ready. 


  • HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM YOUR OTHER COURSES? We currently have one other course called Shirt School. Shirt School is a comprehensive A-Z course on starting, growing, and scaling a profitable online apparel business. Add To Cart Blueprint is focused on fixing your stores conversion rate and product pages so you can easily make more sales. 


All for only $37 (seriously)