ATTN: Online T-Shirt, Apparel, & Print On Demand Sellers

How About Personal Coaching & Training To Accelerate Your T-Shirt Or Apparel Business Beyond $10k Months In 6 Months Or Less?


Why $10K?

After working with thousands of online t-shirt and apparel sellers at all different levels, we've learned a little bit....

We've found there's something magical about getting to consistent $10,000 months......why?

If you're reading this, you're likely dreaming that your online business will soon allow you to spend more time with your family....

Travel more...

Take time off, when you want!

Give your kids MASSIVE Christmas and birthdays, without worrying about the cost....

In short, you want to spend more time doing the things you love, whatever that is for you.

Is this realistic?

When you're selling more than $10k per month, YES. Freedom is real.

Here's why...

$10k in sales is the tipping point where most people can replace their full time income....

They can leave their day job and begin living life on their own terms...

But you need help.

Doing it alone can take you years. Attending Youtube university can take you years. Trial and error can take you years.

In fact, I'll go so far as to say it WILL take you years without support, coaching, training, and commitment. I've seen it too many times, in too many situations, with too many different people.

OR you can accelerate your path to $10k months in 6 months or less!

Like Josh S. who blew past $10k months after only 5 months in the program....

Josh was doing less than $1k/month in his online t-shirt business, working overnight shifts at his job, and taking side gigs when possible. He joined the Shirt School Accelerator Coaching program and in less than 6 months grew his business to $30k/month!

" I'm having a freak'n blast!! "

- Josh S.


An Ideal Accelerator Student Has...

  • At least $1k in sales over the last 90 days
  • A functioning online t-shirt, apparel, or e-commerce store
  • A small amount of resources to invest in their business
  • 100% Commitment, you're all in!
  • A willingness to do "whatever it takes"
  • Growth mindset


You will need to complete the Shirt School Accelerator application form that will ask you a few questions relating to you and your internet company.

Once received, one of two things will happen…

1) If we feel as though you may be a good fit for the program, someone from our team will schedule a call with you. Don’t worry — there will be no pressure to make any immediate decisions.

2) If we don’t think now’s the time or that the Accelerator can’t be helpful, we will let you know kindly and will likely direct you to some helpful resources.


I Am Seeking Only Growth Minded Business Owners To Join The Shirt School Accelerator.

Given the interest of the program, we process applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. Spots are extremely limited.


When Chad started the Accelerator program, he had sold only $26k over the last 6 months. During the program, he tripled his sales and sold more than $75k in 6 months!

" Worth Every Penny! "

- Chad Y.


If Accepted Into The Shirt School Accelerator...

1) Accelerator 6 Month Immersive Program

The 'meat' of the Accelerator is putting your business through an in depth analysis, breakdown, and rebuilding to position you as a leader in your market and a sales-converting-machine. We'll customize the pathway to fit your unique situation so you can grow QUICK. Here's a general timeline of what the program looks like for most people...


MONTH 1: Store analysis, identify opportunities, create your game plan

MONTH 2 -3: Upgrade and optimize your store, increase conversions and average order value

MONTH 4: Build Your Back End Systems

MONTH 5-6: Paid Ads, Marketing, And Scaling Up


Be ready to take action, because there will be plenty of it required. We'll dive right in as soon as the program begins. Remember, every student's business will be different. We'll tweak and customize this plan to fit you. Along the way, you'll also work on your mindset and building a business around your life, not building your life around your business. We're here for freedom, right?


2) Bi-Weekly Group Calls With Kerry

You need support right? Sometimes it takes an army. You'll have calls with Kerry and your Accelerator group every other week. Kerry will train on different subjects and bring on experts in the industry to equip you to dominate. In addition, you'll have opportunities to jump in the hot seat and have the group help you with anything you're facing in your business. These calls are a fan-favorite among our students.


3) 2 One-On-One Strategy Calls With Kerry

You need a game plan and your business is unique! Upon starting the program, you'll schedule a one-on-one call with Kerry where he will help you map out your 6 month game plan for the program. After 3 months, you'll schedule a follow up call to track your progress, make tweaks and get set for the final 3 months.


4) Unlimited One-On-One Calls With A Shirt School Coach

Sometimes you just need an expert to put their eyes on what you're working on. We've got you covered. Any time you need a specific question answered, or you're working on something and you're just not sure it's right, you can jump on Zoom with one of our Shirt School coaches! We've brought in experts in different areas to help with whatever you need.


5) Kerry's Signature Shirt School Course & More...

As an accelerator, you get FULL, lifetime access to Kerry's comprehensive A-Z Shirt School Course. This course teaches you everything from starting out brand new, to running organic traffic, building out your store, and more.  But that's not it, you also get access to ALL of Kerry's courses, like....

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads For Apparel
  • Subscription Secrets
  • Kerry's Swipe File
  • JumpStart POD
  • POD Personalization
  • T-Shirt Funnels

Just to name a few.... AND you get future access to any course Kerry releases in the future.


6) Access To Private Accelerator Community

Share wins, ask questions, connect with and learn from others in your group. This is a private space for Accelerator students only!


7) Unlimited Access To Profitbusters And Mockify Software

Working with so many students, we've identified some tools that make this path to success SO MUCH easier. So instead of making you pay for them, we decided to throw them in for FREE!

  • Unlimited Access To Profitbusters. Finding winning designs is a huge key to success. This tool allows you to 'spy' on the best print on demand and t-shirt designs that are selling right now. You can see the landing pages, ads, stats, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  • Unlimited Access To Mockify. In short, Mockify will help you pump out high quality, eye catching images for your ads and product images in seconds. No graphic design experience needed.




Applicants must have a functioning website and monthly revenue to be considered.


“Kerry has helped me grow my business to more than $15k per month, become a stay at home mom, and retire my husband from his 9-5 job! I can't say thank you enough!”

- Tori E.

"I started from scratch in March and ended my first year with $1.5 Million in sales with the help of Kerry's training and courses."

- Nathan N.

“I went from working construction to making over $100k in my first 9 months of selling t-shirts thanks to Kerry's training”

- Tim S.


Spots are limited....go fast!